18 October 2023
Trails & Tales

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Minecraft Trails & Tales Update

The creators do not stop the process of improving the block space for a minute, and with each version, the surrounding space is transformed more and more. But at the same time, new dangers appear in it. Earlier it was reported that Witches can throw potions at the participants of the raid.

In Minecraft PE, a clarification has been added that this behavior is typical for mobs that were created using spawn eggs. Users are also invited to evaluate the new Encyclopedia screen, in which not only beginners but also experienced players can find a lot of interesting things for themselves.


As you know, there are many different dangerous creatures and other opponents in the cubic world, so magic will help players cope with difficulties. You can buy special books in Minecraft from a Librarian.

Now even enchantments of the highest level have appeared in its assortment, but this is only available in Experimental mode so far.

Item Capabilities

As you know, in the process of archaeological searches, players can also find fragments of clay. From four of these items, you can create a vase that previously could only be used as a decorative item.

In Minecraft PE, its functionality has been expanded and now you can store things in it. Also, fans of the mechanization of processes will like the fact that you can add objects to it using a trolley with a funnel and other devices.

Armor Decoration

You can show your style in Minecraft in different ways, one of them is to decorate the armor with beautiful patterns. You can do this by combining equipment with Templates.

It is worth noting that in this version, you can change the appearance of not only standard armor but also custom armor in this way.

  • What are the Templates for?
    To decorate armor.
  • Why can players use Decorated Pots in Minecraft PE
    For storing items.
  • How do I remove items placed inside Decorated Pots?
    In MCPE only breaking it.
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