Minecraft 1.20.41

Minecraft 1.20.41
Published: 2 November 2023
Trails & Tales (Release)

Download Minecraft PE 1.20.41 apk free Trails & Tales Update: get unique cherry blocks, visit underground ruins, and use crafting with new items!

Minecraft 1.20.41 Release

While the developers are creating new parts in, players can enjoy the Trails & Tales Update gameplay and unique features. Fans of the game will be pleased with such options of Minecraft 1.20.41 as armor decoration, searching for items in ruins, and crafting with unique ingredients.

Many errors will no longer occur, and the use of many menu options has also been improved.

Structures and biomes

Users should visit different biomes of Minecraft PE 1.20.41, but especially pay attention to Trails Ruins. This is an unusual place, as part of the structure is located underground. There are various unique items there. For example, smithing templates.

A visit to the Cherry Biome will help players get petals for dyes and blocks for construction.


Creating Sniffer in Minecraft 1.20.41 is not difficult. Players need to get the egg of this dinosaur first. To find this unique artifact, the user needs to visit Trail Ruins or some other structures for archaeological excavations. After the egg is found, the character must place it on the moss.

Do not assume that the Sniffer can be tamed, but at the same time the mob will become a friend to the MCPE 1.20.41 character. He will help in the excavation of suspicious blocks.


Creating armor that will be unique is possible with the help of items such as smithing templates in Minecraft PE 1.20.41. There can be many options for these items, as the developers have added many templates to the world.

If someone wants to get diamond armor through trading, then they need to find an armorer. He lives in villages and can give the desired item in exchange for emeralds and diamonds.

  • How to craft pink dye?
    Use cherry petals.
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