Published: 4 October 2023
Trails & Tales

Download Minecraft PE apk free Trails & Tales Update: Rate all fixed bugs and take a walk through Cherry Grove.

Minecraft Trails & Tales Update

The developers have pleased the players with another update this week. They added two changes. If players are going to cold biomes in Minecraft PE, then it will be useful for them to know that leather shoes do not save from falling into the snow when falling from a height of 2 and a half blocks.

Also now, when immersed in water, splashes will appear in the area of the abdomen, not the head. By the way, the sounds from the splash of water have been fixed, now they occur at the right moment. For those who used to use a third-person camera to look through the blocks with a boiler, it is important to know that this is no longer available.

Armor Decoration

Especially for those users who are tired of the standard appearance of armor, Minecraft offers the opportunity to decorate it with beautiful patterns. But this will require collecting the necessary materials.

First of all, we need Templates. They are located in various structures of the cubic world. For example, in the ruins of a bastion or an ancient city. It is worth noting that the changes are only decorative and will not affect the protective characteristics of the equipment in any way.

Cherry Grove

The process of traveling through the cubic world brings players not only satisfaction from the contemplation of the surrounding nature but also practical benefits. For example, in a new biome where trees covered with pink flowers grow, you can get a new kind of wood.

Also in Minecraft PE, this place is famous for its calm atmosphere and the opportunity to relax from the hustle and bustle. Cherry Grove is home to friendly creatures such as rabbits, chickens, pigs, and others.

The abundance of flowers attracts bees to this place, so if users want to try breeding these insects and collect delicious honey, they can also go here.

  • What resources can be obtained in the Cherry Grove?
    In Minecraft PE, this is wood and dye.
  • What does the Sniffer eat in MCPE
    Plant seeds.
  • What can be found in the Ruins of the Trail?
    Templates, Sniffer eggs and clay shards.
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