27 September 2023
Trails & Tales

Download Minecraft PE apk free Trails & Tales Update: Take a journey through the boundless world, ride a camel, or buy a map from a Cartographer.

Minecraft Trails & Tales Update

By correcting the errors that arise, the developers of Mojang Studios try to create the most comfortable and convenient space for each user. It is worth noting that in Minecraft PE, problems such as crashes from the server, while several villagers are nearby, are eliminated.

Also in this version, the Market will work correctly and respond to requests even when logging in after a long break.


Each player interacts in Minecraft with a wide variety of blocks, using them in construction and other processes. But now there are quite unusual objects in the game, which are fraught with unique objects.

Suspicious blocks can be of two types: sand or gravel. They differ in incredible fragility and can collapse from an awkward touch. Therefore, those who want to get unique items should get a special brush.


The process of obtaining ancient artifacts from Suspicious Blocks is called Archaeology. Players will plunge into the atmosphere of mysterious searches and feel like real scientists and seekers.

Thus, you can find ancient fragments, Templates, and eggs of one of the mobs. But it is worth noting that in Minecraft PE, only the most patient and attentive heroes manage to do this.


Interaction with Villagers to exchange valuable resources and obtain a variety of items in Minecraft is widely used by players. With it, you can buy new armor from Armorer or sell iron blocks, and the Cartographer now has a more diverse selection of all kinds of maps.

Among other things, you can purchase Enchanted Books from the Librarian and use them to obtain magical effects.

  • What subject is indispensable in Archaeology?
  • What are the Templates in Minecraft PE 1.20 for?
    To decorate armor.
  • Where can players in MCPE 1.20 find Templates?
    In structures.
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