20 September 2023
Trails & Tales

Download Minecraft PE apk free Trails & Tales Update: learn new and interesting tricks, and find out what changes have occurred in the vastness of the block space.

Minecraft Trails & Tales Update

Continuing to experiment, the developers introduce new creatures into the play process and also offer users to explore unusual locations. They do not forget about the technical component of the gameplay, correct various errors, and eliminate failures.

In Minecraft PE, the death screen was updated, now it is easier to see where the player died. It is worth noting that the function of changing some settings before rebirth has been added. Knowing that all users do not always like the changes, they have retained the ability to install the previous view of this menu.


Previously, players have already been offered the opportunity to try the crawling function. It turned on automatically if there was an obstacle in front of the hero in the form of a narrow and low passage.

Now, in Minecraft, this option has ceased to be experimental and fully corresponds to the Java Edition version. Bugs have been fixed and you can move freely throughout the block space.

Unlocking recipes

Another feature that has ceased to be experimental in Minecraft PE is Unlocking recipes. In parallel, it can still be enabled or disabled directly when creating a world.

The pause menu will not display a message that the recipe is unlocked and in general, the notification about it will now appear in different languages and does not disappear from the screen.

Search in the recipe book

For the convenience of searching for a particular recipe in the book, the developers have changed some settings. The search in Minecraft will be carried out only by the beginning of the word and will be shown by length, not by syllables.

Recipes that have already been unlocked previously will be displayed in it. But it is worth noting that, in general, the whole system is still under development and the creators are waiting for feedback from users.

  • What opportunities did the librarian have in Minecraft PE
    He sells abilities to players.
  • Why do we need forging templates in MCPE
    To decorate armor.
  • How many template options are there?
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