Published: 23 August 2023
Modified: 15 March 2024
Trails & Tales

Download Minecraft PE apk free Trails & Tales Update: get new knowledge and invaluable gaming experience, do archaeological searches, and travel around the territory.

Minecraft Trails & Tales Update

Enthusiastic users may not notice some small changes that occur in the cubic world after each update. But for them to become possible, the developers of Mojang Studios are doing a tremendous job.

It also includes work on errors and their correction, troubleshooting, and improving the interface. In Minecraft PE, they announced some fixes for the screen of the world. Now it has changed the design, navigation and separated some buttons.

Cherry Grove

It is simply impossible to pass by this biome precisely because it is very different from everything that players could see earlier in the cubic world. The abundance of pink color and romantic atmosphere create an atmosphere of tranquility and calmness in Cherry Grove.

In this place, you can just relax, watching the petals slowly sink to the surface. But there is also a practical value in this beautiful place. Players can make a dye from the collected petals, and a unique kind of wood can decorate any building.

It is worth noting that not everything is as rosy as it may seem at first glance. Recently, an Outpost of Robbers has been generated in this location in Minecraft

Novelties in Archaeology

Amazing adventures should never end in Minecraft PE That is why players are invited to show their abilities in archaeological excavations.

Among the possible objects that the heroes can find, clay fragments can be noted. By the way, the number of variants of patterns already has two dozen and this will allow you to create the most incredible vases from them.

By the way, in the sands, you can find Patterns for decorating armor, as well as eggs from which, with proper care, small Sniffers will hatch.

  • What subject is indispensable in Archaeology?
  • What are the Templates in Minecraft PE 1.20 for?
    To decorate armor.
  • Where can players in MCPE 1.20 find Templates?
    In structures.
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