Published: 9 August 2023
Modified: 10 August 2023
Trails & Tales Update

Download Minecraft PE apk free Trails & Tales Update: teach your character to crawl, interact with villagers to get more enchantments, and much more!

Minecraft Trails & Tales Update

Surprisingly interesting and exciting adventures will be remembered by every Minecraft PE player. Never before have users had so many different options for their gaming pastime.

Thanks to the actions of the developers, you can prove yourself in resource extraction, farming, or construction. Another unusual and fascinating process is the study of enchanted books. Use the magical possibilities right now.

Trade with residents

The first thing users need to do is turn on the Experimental Game Mode. After that, librarians will offer unique products in each of the biomes. It is noteworthy that their quality will depend on the level of the Resident.

It is even more interesting to interact with a traveling merchant now. The fact is that in Minecraft, the choice of goods from these mobs has become better, and prices have decreased at the same time.


Many users of the block space have already managed to get acquainted with the features of this wonderful mob and know that it feeds on seeds and hatches from eggs. It was with the latter that the developers worked.

They fixed a bug that caused the crackling sound not to be played. Now, players can hear characteristic sounds and determine from them that a baby Sniffer will soon be born.


For those players who have already evaluated the capabilities of the Calibrated Acoustic Sensor, it will be useful to know that it now has filtration when working with Red dust. This will significantly expand the options for using it when creating mechanisms.

By the way, it emits a characteristic sound when turned off and remains in its original state even after a reboot. All these options also apply to the Sculk Shrieker.

  • How do Sniffers reproduce in Minecraft PE
    They hatch from eggs.
  • What should I do to propagate a Sniffer in MCPE
    Feed him Torchflower.
  • What is a Calibrated Acoustic Sensor used for?
    To receive and send signals.
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