20 July 2023
Trails & Tales

Download Minecraft PE apk free Trails & Tales Update: use the possibilities of crawling in the gameplay, as well as arrange a real archaeological search in the desert.

Minecraft Trails & Tales Update

Not every update is distinguished by a large number of innovations, on the contrary, more often than not, developers only fix all sorts of gameplay errors in them. So this time, three non-critical, but still affecting the gameplay failures were eliminated.

Thus, in Minecraft PE, the gameplay has become even a little more optimal and stable. By the way, it continues to develop existing functions and processes. Some of them appeared relatively recently and are very popular among players.


For those players who have increasingly come across unusual blocks of sand and gravel in deserts, it will be useful to know that they are called Suspicious. They can store all kinds of items from the Archeology section.

For example, in Minecraft, ancient clay fragments that once upon a time were a certain object and may have been used in everyday life. Now they can be put together and thus create a beautiful and very ancient process for decorating your home.

Ruins of the Trail

This is a relatively new structure in Minecraft PE consists of two parts. The first one is much smaller and represents the ruins of an ancient building. The part of it that is underground is much larger.

Here players can find all kinds of clay fragments, as well as the eggs of one of the mobs, which also belongs to the Antiquities section.


It is the eggs of the Sniffer that players can find in the Ruins of the Trail in Minecraft PE Install it on a moss block and then a red-green baby will hatch out of it faster.

Grow it to an adult and it will be useful because it finds the seeds of very ancient plants.

  • Which item is indispensable in Archaeology in Minecraft PE
  • Which eggs can be found in the Ruins of the Trail?
    In MCPE 1.20, this is a Sniffer.
  • What does the Sniffer eat?
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