28 June 2023
Trails & Tales

Download Minecraft PE apk free Trails & Tales Update: go to the desert in search of ancient objects, and also make friends with a harmless inhabitant of the cubic world.

Minecraft Trails & Tales Update

With each update, the game space not only becomes more interesting but also thanks to the efforts of the developers of Mojang Studios, various failures and errors are corrected. Thus, in Minecraft PE, the problem that the owners of some devices had was fixed.

At the same time, players can fully appreciate the possibilities of Archeology and find truly unique and unusual objects. In addition, the heroes can visit new locations and get acquainted with their inhabitants.

New Sniffer Abilities

Absolutely every user can go in search of seeds of ancient plants in Minecraft To do this, it is enough to find a Sniffer. It can usually be found in warm biomes near reservoirs or in flowering meadows.

The developers have already presented the possibility of the reproduction of this harmless creature. Among the new abilities of the Sniffer can be noted the search for seeds of plants such as Torchflower and Pitcher.

It is worth noting that they have never met in the cubic world before and appeared in it only together with this creature.

Archaeological excavations

Another variant of the unusual gameplay is associated with Archaeological excavations. To do this, it is enough to find new blocks in Minecraft PE They are generally called Suspicious and represent a new kind of sand and gravel.

It will be useful for players to know that when cleaning them with a Brush, clay fragments can be found. From them, in the future, it will be possible to assemble a unique item for interior decoration.

But that is not all: during the excavation process, players can find not only these ancient objects but also other valuable specimens. Start your exciting adventures right now!

  • What does the Sniffer in Minecraft PE eat?
  • What items in MCPE can be found during excavations?
    Fragments of clay vases and other valuables.
  • What plants can be grown from these seeds?
    Torchflower and Pitcher.
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