Minecraft 1.20.10

Minecraft 1.20.10
11 July 2023
Trails & Tales

Download Minecraft PE 1.20.10 apk free Trails & Tales Update: look for rare items that rest in suspicious blocks, and also get acquainted with the Sniffer.

Minecraft 1.20.10: Trails & Tales Update

Mojang Studios developers are trying to save the gameplay from failures and errors, at least partially. And it is worth noting that they do it well because Minecraft PE 1.20.10 is characterized by maximum stability and performance.

But in addition, the authors pleased the players with several very diverse and very interesting innovations. Thus, it is now possible to crawl under the slabs even on Loose snow. But at the same time, squatting and crawling are canceled if the player sits astride some creature.


Thanks to the efforts of the development team, more and more diverse creatures and creatures appear in the cubic world. Camels stand out among them, not only because of their impressive size but also because they bring real benefits to players.

Camels can be ridden by two players at once. In Minecraft 1.20.10, the Sniffer also has some functionality that can be useful for heroes.


Thanks to its excellent sense of smell, the Sniffer can find seeds that are deep in the ground. At the same time, it is worth noting that this mob will not try to find them in the water or the air.

In Minecraft PE 1.20.10, the heroes are invited to learn about the breeding possibilities of these good-natured creatures. For the cub to appear, it is enough to feed the Sniffer with flowers called Torchflower.

You can find them in the habitats of this mob because it is the seeds of this plant, and he is constantly looking for Pitcher.


Absolutely every user can try himself as a decorator of armor elements in Minecraft 1.20.10. But to do this, you will first have to go to search for Templates. Players can change the color of the equipment and apply fancy lines and beautiful patterns to it.

  • What does the Sniffer eat in Minecraft PE 1.20.10?
    Plant seeds.
  • What items are needed to decorate the armor?
  • Which flower can be used to propagate the Sniffer in MCPE 1.20.10?
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