24 June 2023
Trails & Tales Update

Download Minecraft PE apk free Trails & Tales Update: use a Calibrated Sensor to detect a wide variety of vibrations, and also get acquainted with new features.

Minecraft Beta: Trails & Tales Update

The efforts of the developers of the cubic world do not go unnoticed by users who closely monitor the appearance of each update. Global changes do not happen so often, but minor fixes happen in the game almost every week.

Minecraft PE may please users with the fact that passengers can be transported in Boats again, and the Pressure plate returns to its normal state faster.

Pink Biome

An incredibly romantic place has become one of the most popular among the players of the cubic world. And all thanks to the beautiful pink trees that grow in this biome.

Cherry Grove is an excellent environment for the comfortable existence of animals and insects. Bees are happy to create their hives everywhere. Therefore, those players who want to collect honey or just take a break from worries should visit this location in Minecraft

Archaeological searches

In Minecraft PE, a great opportunity has become available to players to gain new knowledge in Archaeology. This process cannot be called simple, because you will have to create the necessary items, as well as go in search of Suspicious blocks.

But despite this, many users have already appreciated the possibilities of such searches and are happy to engage in a peaceful and interesting process.

Movements of Steve

The animation of the main character largely determines the general opinion about the gameplay. That is why the developers continue to improve movements of Steve. This time in Minecraft he has new abilities.

Now the hero can not only squat but also crawl when he gets into a narrow passage. It is noteworthy that when the crawling player moves under the water, he automatically begins to swim.

  • What new animation did Steve have in MCPE
    Crawling animation.
  • What Suspicious blocks are there in Minecraft PE
    Sand and gravel.
  • Which blocks are useful in Archaeology?
    Suspicious blocks.
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