Published: 17 June 2023
Holiday Update

Download Minecraft PE with apk free: use a new type of small arms to fight monsters and meet new inhabitants of the cubic world.

Minecraft Crossbow and Pandas

The new version of the game provides new and rather unusual features to users. First, it is worth noting the appearance of a new block called Scaffolding. Also now in the villages, players can meet cute cats that can be tamed with raw cod.

But they are not the only new mobs that have appeared in Minecraft PE Heroes can also meet pandas on their way. The favorite delicacy of this type of bear is bamboo. The plant can be fished out of the water with a fishing rod in rivers or jungle lakes.


In the real world, builders often use special structures called Scaffolding. They help to build tall buildings faster. Now a similar block is available in Minecraft

Players can also use it to move in dangerous areas if they are afraid of falling. Install them in any direction on 4 blocks, and if you put more, they will break.


A new kind of inhabitant of the cubic world is already available in Minecraft PE Pandas will not be the first to attack the player. But if he tries to attack their cubs, these creatures will go into a state of aggression and their eyes will turn red.

It is impossible to tame these creatures, but you can feed them. Use bamboo for this.


The developers of Mojang Studios decided to please the players with the appearance of a new type of weapon. In addition to the swords and axes already available in the game, a crossbow has appeared in Minecraft

It is used for ranged combat and can hit a target at a considerable distance. This will require arrows. By the way, monsters can now also arm themselves with this item. To escape from such an attack, it is best to use a shield.

  • What animals appeared in MCPE
    Pandas and cats.
  • How to tame cats in Minecraft PE
    Using raw cod.
  • What type of blocks have become available to players?
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