20 June 2023
Holiday Update

Download Minecraft PE with apk free: use a crossbow to hit the enemy from a long distance, and also find out how to avoid a panda attack.

Minecraft New weapons and mobs

In general, this version is aimed at correcting previously identified errors that could spoil the overall impression of the game. Thus, in Minecraft PE, you can not be afraid of departure at the time of purchase in the Marketplace.

By the way, the interface of the game has been slightly improved, and custom texture packs will be correctly superimposed on the world. Study all the innovations to always be aware of what is happening in the cubic world.


Seemingly cute and harmless creatures will remain so until the player decides to attack the animals or their cubs. In this case, they will immediately start biting. But the player can bring them back to normal by simply offering the pandas bamboo.

This plant is known to be a favorite delicacy of these creatures in the real world, but also in Minecraft There are several types of emotions in these creatures, as well as a very rare kind of brown color.


Previously, cats had already appeared in the game, but then they lived in the jungle and were called ocelots. Now, these creatures continue to live there, but they can no longer be tamed. In Minecraft PE, going to the village, you can meet a real cat.

After taming the animal with the help of a fish, a collar will appear on its neck, which will inform that it has a master.

New weapons

Fortunately for all players in Minecraft PE, a new variant of ranged weapons has appeared. With the help of a crossbow, you can hit targets that are at a considerable distance from the player.

The thing can also be enchanted, and if you use fireworks instead of an arrow and launch it into the air, then you can arrange a real holiday.

  • What level of damage does panda attack do to the game?
    This is 3 units.
  • What animals appeared in MCPE
    Pandas and cats.
  • How to tame cats in Minecraft PE
    Using raw cod.
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