21 June 2023
Holiday Update

Download Minecraft PE with apk free: tame cats, make friends with pandas, and rate fixed bugs and improved gameplay.

Minecraft Crossbow and new mobs

This is the fifth version from this branch, which, like the previous one, is marked Test. In it, the developers of Mojang Studios continued to adjust and modernize the gameplay, making it more stable and diverse.

In Minecraft PE, they managed to reduce the number of crashes of the game, and also optimized images in the in-game store. Mobs’ movements are now smoother and more realistic.

It is also worth noting that the performance of the gameplay has become much higher.

New mobs

To meet one of the new inhabitants of the cubic world, players will have to go straight to the village. Now there are real cats in these locations who are not averse to eating delicious raw fish.

After that, they will follow their master everywhere and even protect him from Phantoms or bring different things.  The second new mob in Minecraft is a panda. Just feed her bamboo and then the animal will become more joyful.

To extract this plant, use a pickaxe, because, as in the real world, it is very durable. It can also be caught with a fishing rod from a pond in the tropics.


A new variant of ranged weapons appeared in Minecraft PE Its enchantment became available to players, but in this case, recharging will take much longer.

It is worth noting that anyone who has previously used a bow can easily master a crossbow. You will need arrows to shoot, but it is not so difficult to craft them. Explore the game world without fear and start your exciting adventure right now.

New opportunities in construction

The developers have added a new block to Minecraft, which is perfect during the construction process.

Install them to get to the very top.

  • Where can players find bamboo in MCPE
    In the tropics.
  • What animals appeared in game?
    Pandas and cats.
  • How to tame cats in Minecraft PE
    Using raw cod.
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