Published: 19 June 2023
Holiday Update

Download Minecraft PE with apk free: learn about the changes that have occurred in the mechanics of panda behavior, as well as new opportunities in construction.

Minecraft Pandas and Bamboo

In order not to increase the number of errors in the next versions, Mojang Studios developers released Minecraft PE This time they tried to fix a significant number of bugs that could affect the entire gameplay.

Now the player’s hand will always move at the correct speed, and the search results in the Marketplace are always correct. By the way, a graph with previously purchased skins and kits has become available.

Aggressive pandas

In Minecraft, developers have changed the mechanics of behavior for pandas when they are in an aggressive state, which can be transmitted to other individuals. They will also protect their cubs especially strongly.

At this point, the animal’s eyes will turn red. Each attack will take away 3 health units from the player at once. The developers have updated the appearance of the creature in this version when it is angry.

By the way, it will be useful for players to know that even a lazy panda if attacked, will certainly bite the offender in response. Be careful not to offend animals, and even better make friends with these cute creatures.


For pandas to be immediately positive to the player, in Minecraft PE it is worth feeding them bamboo. Players can find it in the jungle while fishing or in a secret temple in the tropics.


This new block is primarily useful for those heroes who want to build a strong and tall building. The objects are perfectly connected, forming a kind of ladder.

This can also be useful in exploring the surrounding space in Minecraft PE Use all the opportunities to spend time interestingly and unusually.

  • What level of damage does panda attack do to the game?
    In MCPE, this is 3 units.
  • What are scaffolding used for in Minecraft PE
    For building and overcoming obstacles.
  • Where can players find bamboo?
    In the tropics.
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