18 June 2023
Holiday Update

Download Minecraft PE with apk free: feed the pandas, and also go to the village in search of a cat or try shooting with a crossbow.

Minecraft Pandas and Cats

The developers have prepared a lot of new and interesting things in Minecraft PE and it is worth noting that now the gameplay will become much more interesting. This is because the taming of cats has become available to players and now everyone can get a cute and useful animal.

You can also get acquainted with another inhabitant of cubic space by going to the Jungle. Pandas live there now. But if the study of animals does not cause a storm of emotions in the player, he can evaluate the possibilities of a crossbow and even try to apply charms to it.


Previously, cat-like creatures had already appeared in the cubic world, but now ocelots have become completely wild and players can only try to feed them. You can find cats in Minecraft PE by going to the village.

Stock up on raw cod, with its help you can get yourself a new pet. Interestingly, if the pussy is next to the hero, he will not be attacked by Phantoms.


These animals are black and white, and the chance of meeting a brown panda is only 1 percent. These animals are interesting in Minecraft PE because they have different behaviors.

For example, in a joyful state, the creature will roll on the ground, and if it gets sick, it will sneeze. An aggressive individual can cause significantly more damage than before.


This type of weapon is similar in mechanics to a bow, but if the player casts a spell on the crossbow, it will become much more powerful. For example, he can shoot three arrows at the same time or pierce several mobs at the same time.

Also in Minecraft, you can use the fast recharge enchantment. Use unique opportunities to defend and attack right now.

  • What animals appeared in MCPE
    Pandas and cats.
  • How to tame cats in Minecraft PE
    Using raw cod.
  • What weapons are now available for use?
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