21 June 2023
Trails & Tales

Download Minecraft PE apk free Trails & Tales Update: explore new features of various blocks, as well as visit unusual structures and biomes.

Minecraft Trails & Tales Update

To get into a unique and unusual space, it is enough for players to install Minecraft PE This version of the cubic world features improved stability and many new features.

Archeology is available to every user – a new type of activity when heroes find ancient objects in various blocks. Thanks to the efforts of the developers, the gameplay becomes even more thoughtful. For example, now they have managed to fix the problem that caused delays in deactivating the Pressure Plate.

Interesting finds

To feel like a seeker of antiquities, players in Minecraft only need to craft one simple item for themselves. With the help of a Brush, you can easily clean sand or gravel and extract valuable fragments from it.

They are made of clay and have no analogs in the cubic world. But that’s not all. Having collected four fragments, you can assemble them into a single item. Although such a vase has no practical application, it can become a wonderful decoration for any home.

Cherry Grove

Players are always very interested in the emergence of new territories in the cubic world. Moreover, in them, you can not only meet some unique creatures but also find something useful.

This is exactly what will happen to those who go to Cherry Grove in Minecraft PE The entire surface of this biome is covered with a thick layer of rose petals, which are suitable for creating a dye of the same color.


Never before can decorating armor has been available to players. Therefore, in battles, it was easy to confuse the heroes with each other. Now, having found special Templates in Structures throughout the territory, you can make your image more memorable.

There are many other interesting items in Minecraft PE, try to find them all.

  • What abilities does the Sniffer have in MCPE
    He finds seeds.
  • How to get pink dye?
    You will need to collect rose petals in a Cherry grove.
  • What can be found in Suspicious Blocks in Minecraft PE
    Various objects and ancient fragments.
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