14 June 2023
Trails & Tales

Download Minecraft PE apk free Trails & Tales Update: make your adventures interesting and diverse, use hints for this.

Minecraft Trails & Tales Update

The developers of Mojang Studios never cease to amaze players with a large number of various innovations. In Minecraft PE, there is an opportunity to replenish your knowledge and succeed in crafting items.

This became possible because special hints were added to the game. They arise if the player picks up some new item. If they have not previously created this item in the game, then the window that appears will indicate that the crafting recipe is unlocked.

Also in this version, several small fixes were made, for example, the problem with the Shields getting stuck in the Rack was solved.


Thanks to these blocks, players can receive information about the sounds being played and use it in the gameplay. In Minecraft, the number of such vibrations is quite extensive and it means that some kind of process or action is taking place.


Thanks to the appearance of new items called Templates, players have the opportunity to decorate their armor. Search for them all over the cubic world and create your style.

In Minecraft PE, there is also an option to change the appearance of shields using banners.

Help the Sniffer

The sniffer is harmless but at the same time a defenseless creature. For an adult to grow out of a cub, he often needs the help of a player. In Minecraft, these mobs are useful because they can find seeds of ancient plants in the ground.

Players have never seen anything like this, because they only meet in the cubic world. Torchflower has a beautiful yellow-red bud and is used for breeding Sniffer.

Also, with the help of this creature, you can grow a Pitcher. It is also a very unusual specimen that has never been seen in the game before.

  • When does crawling mode turn on?
    When passing through an opening the size of 1 block.
  • What does the Sniffer eat in Minecraft
  • What are Templates in MCPE for?
    For armor decoration.
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