1 June 2023
Trails & Tales

Download Minecraft PE apk free Trails & Tales Update: evaluate the new functionality that has become available to players and learn about all the features of the Sniffer.

Minecraft Trails & Tales Update

This time, the developers of Mojang Studios surprised users by adding new features to the game for the hero. They also managed to fix some bugs, as well as change some aspects of the gameplay.

In Minecraft PE, you don’t need a shovel to craft a boat, and after treating a zombie resident, you can get valuable things as a drop. Find out about all the innovations right now.

New Player Features

Along with such functionality as swimming or squatting, crawling has also become available in Minecraft This mode is automatically activated if the player needs to overcome an opening with a height of only one block.

By the way, crawling has its motion animation, and when you get into the water, the player’s actions will automatically change and he will swim.


A funny creature that appeared in the cubic world not so long ago immediately became very popular among users. There is no need to fight with the Sniffer, it is harmless.

But most importantly, following it, you can find seeds of plants that have never appeared in the game before Minecraft PE Try to grow them and surprise everyone around you.


An interesting way to spend your free time and at the same time also find rare artifacts that appeared to players in Minecraft Now you can use just a small object and patience to find very ancient and valuable fragments.
By the way, they can make a great vase that will decorate absolutely any interior. It is quite easy to find a place – it is enough to go to those places in the cubic world where there is sand. The only caveat is that not ordinary blocks are needed, but suspicious ones.

  • What can you find by doing excavations?
    Clay fragments, music discs.
  • Which biome is famous for its beauty in Minecraft PE
    Cherry Grove.
  • What is the Calibrated sensor in MCPE used for?
    To detect vibrations.
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