3 May 2023
Trails & Tales

Download Minecraft PE apk free: get ancient seeds and items, visit mysterious structures, and more!

Minecraft Trails & Tales

Despite the fact that there are already many mobs, structures, and mechanics in the Tales and Trails Update, the developers from Mojang continue to develop the world. Minecraft PE is the newest edition in which players can use all the options. Users can customize some items, as well as grow unique plants.

Structures and biomes

Those who have not been to Cherry Grove yet should visit this biome. Firstly, it is beautiful due to the many flowering trees. If the Minecraft player wants to build from wood, he will also be able to get suitable materials here. Crafting items is also possible from cherry blocks.

Trail Ruins is a unique place. The ancient structure is full of mysteries: here players will find blocks under which there may be valuable items.


To search for artifacts, Minecraft PE players should take the necessary tools. The main subject of archaeology is the brush. It cleans suspicious sand, under which there are usually various artifacts. For example, pottery shards. To create a unique decorative pot, the user needs to find four elements.

Items such as armor and shield can be customized. A player can make a unique shield out of an ordinary shield using a banner.

To craft a new armor, the user will need a smithing table and templates.


In addition to ancient items, Minecraft players can find seeds. But it will be difficult for them to find them on their own. Fortunately, the developers gave users a Sniffer – a mob that smells seeds and easily finds them. If the mob is in the water, its abilities are lost: it will not be able to search for objects, much less dig.

Since Sniffer is the first dinosaur in the game, it hatches from an egg like these creatures. To grow a baby, the MCPE player needs to take a mob egg and put it on the moss.

  • How to spawn Sniffer?
    Players should put its egg on the moss and wait.
  • Is it possible to tame Sniffer?
    No, it is impossible.
  • How to make decorative pots?
    Four different pottery shards can be used for crafting a pot.
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