26 April 2023
Trails & Tales

Download Minecraft PE apk free: get to know the new features of the most unusual inhabitant of the cubic world, as well as learn more about plants.

Minecraft Trails & Tales

Make your adventures in the cubic world even more interesting if you install Minecraft PE In this version, the developers of Mojang Studios have added several new skills to the Sniffer and improved existing ones.

Also, players will see new texts when loading the game, and in several biomes, they will hear completely new tracks that will create a unique atmosphere during the adventure. By the way, during the Archaeology class, the players will notice how this process has changed, which is sure to give a lot of bright and memorable impressions.


Thanks to the update in Minecraft with this mob, interaction with it has become even more exciting and varied. Use Torchflower to propagate the Sniffer.

Now, while digging, you can see the particles around him, and he will not look for seeds in the water. Spawn eggs of this creature can be found in warm ocean ruins.


As players may have already found out, Sniffer can unwittingly help them find seeds of plants such as Torchflower and Pitcher. The developers have changed their textures in Minecraft PE to make these objects look more organic.

Search for antiquities

Every user can arrange incredible adventures during which it will be possible to find antique objects in Minecraft PE It is enough to craft just one object – a brush and players can hit the road.

By the way, in this version, during the search, you will be able to find a new music disc. But, of course, the main purpose of such a trip will be clay fragments, from which you can create beautiful objects for interior decoration. Research can become extremely fascinating and interesting.

  • What are the Templates used for in MCPE
    To decorate armor.
  • What seeds can Sniffers find in Minecraft
    Torch flower and Pitcher.
  • Where can players find suspicious sand?
    In the desert and under water.
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