12 April 2023
Trails & Tales

Download Minecraft PE apk free: start your journey in archaeology and meet a new inhabitant of cubic expanses who loves seeds very much.

Minecraft Trails & Tales

This time, due to some technical issues that are in the process of being fixed and will most likely be available already in Trails & Tales Update, the developers of Mojang Studios had to abandon some of the changes they wanted to implement in the game.

At the moment, in Minecraft PE, you can interact with the armor rack again, but you can’t equip it while flying. By the way, the search in the inventory of the creative mode using the keyboard is not yet possible.


A very interesting and rather mysterious activity appeared in Minecraft Only specially trained people can do archaeology in the real world, and in the cubic world, it is available to absolutely everyone.

All you need is to craft yourself a Brush and go in search of Suspicious sand. You can find it in deserts or underwater. It is in these blocks that ancient fragments of a single object are hidden.

At the moment, there are already two dozen variants of the drawing on them. Find them all and arrange a real exhibition of artifacts in your house.


A kind of sniffer also refers to antiquity, the fact is that it is a prehistoric creature. It may even be the last of the dinosaurs that survived to this day. Externally, it bears little resemblance to modern animals, it has a bright red-green color.

You can recognize him by the sounds of his sniffing because it is with the help of his nose that he finds the seeds of the Torchflower plant, which he feeds on. If a player in Minecraft PE follows him, he can collect several such seeds and plant them.


This beautiful and unusual flower grows from the seeds that Sniffer loves so much. Players can grow such a plant and use it to propagate this mod.

But just visually, Torchflower will decorate any garden in Minecraft thanks to its incredible and unique beauty.

  • What does the Sniffer in Minecraft PE eat?
  • What kind of plant can be used to propagate a Sniffer in MCPE
  • What subject will you need in Archaeology?
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