Minecraft 1.19.81

Minecraft 1.19.81
27 April 2023
Trails & Tales

Download Minecraft PE 1.19.81 apk free: explore the possibilities of new plants that can be very useful to players, and also try to find Templates.

Minecraft 1.19.81: Trails & Tales

A large number of various innovations and fixed bugs were presented by the developers of Mojang Studios in Minecraft PE 1.19.81.

Players should go in search of Suspicious sand because now you can find not only clay fragments but also other objects and even Sniffer eggs in it. And you can also place all kinds of plants on them, for example, a dead bush or sugar cane.

By the way, new splash screen texts and hints have been added, which will please absolutely all users.

Forging Patterns

To find them, players will have to travel all over the cubic world. The structures that can be found in various biomes will contain these new items.

The developers in this version have fixed the icon display for some of the Templates. Also in Minecraft 1.19.81, an error was fixed due to which the item in the frame was too small.


An interesting new plant, which recently appeared in Minecraft PE 1.19.81, attracts the attention of an increasing number of users. And not only by the fact that nothing like this has ever been in the cubic world before but also by the fact that two types of dyes can be obtained from it at once.

A Sniffer can help find Pitcher seeds, which, along with Torchflower, can sniff them in the ground.


Archeology opens up great opportunities for players to search for all kinds of objects. Already at the moment in Minecraft 1.19.81, there are 20 different variants of ancient fragments that can be found in Suspicious Sand.

You can also find the eggs of the spawn Sniffer and even a new music disc in them. It is worth noting that it is necessary to clean these blocks only with a Brush. Using any other tools will lead to their destruction and the hero will not receive the items stored in them.

  • Where can players find suspicious sand?
    In the desert and under water.
  • What seeds can Sniffers find in Minecraft 1.19.81?
    Torchflower and Pitcher.
  • What are the Templates used for in MCPE 1.19.81?
    To decorate armor.
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