Minecraft 1.19.80

Minecraft 1.19.80
Trails & Tales

Download Minecraft PE 1.19.80 apk free: explore the cubic world in search of unique fragments and create a very unusual item from them.

Minecraft 1.19.80 Release: Trails & Tales

Users were looking forward to the release of this update. The fact is that Minecraft PE 1.19.80 release has implemented many different changes: in texture, sounds, and mechanics of using objects.

Thanks to the efforts of the developers, the cubic world is becoming more interesting and each new version brings it closer to the long-awaited Trails & Tales update.


A wide variety of all kinds of creatures that players can interact with during their movements around the cubic world makes the gameplay even more interesting and diverse.

Mojang Studios developers are continuously working to improve the appearance of mobs and the mechanics of their behavior. Minecraft 1.19.80 fixed a glitch that was previously marked with a Sniffer’s head.

By the way, this animal can now be useful not only in finding Torchflower seeds but also in other plants. It is called Pitcher and can reach huge sizes if it is planted in the ground.

Hanging Signs

Users have already appreciated the possibilities of these items, which can not only decorate the entrance to the building but also place some important information for visitors.

In the Minecraft PE 1.19.80 version, Hanging Signs can be fastened together, while using Sneaking is not required. The sounds and appearance of these objects have also been improved.


A large-scale new hobby, which attracts more and more users of the cubic world every time, has received new features in Minecraft 1.19.80. The fact is that while doing Archaeology, players can find unique ancient fragments.

The appearance of Decorated Pots that players can create from fragments has been improved in this version. Also, now Suspicious sand and gravel will emit the correct sounds when brushing with a brush.

  • Which mob can find plant seeds?
    In Minecraft PE 1.19.80, this is a Sniffer.
  • What are Hanging Signs in MCPE 1.19.80 for?
    To place important information for visitors.
  • What will players need a Brush for?
    For careful cleaning of Suspicious sand and gravel.
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