Published: 5 April 2023
Modified: 15 May 2023
Trails & Tales

Download Minecraft PE apk free: experiment with the design of the appearance and equipment, as well as travel around the world in search of ancient objects.

Minecraft Trails & Tales

It is worth noting that the Minecraft PE version is mainly aimed at correcting the identified errors and eliminating those that have appeared now in the future Trails & Tales Update.

The developer Mojang Studios managed to correct the pose of the armor rack, but as a result, there was a failure with putting equipment on it, so this function has been disabled so far. Also fixed problems when colored wool turned white.


The cubic world is fraught with many secrets that developers are gradually discovering for players. For example, an ancient city appeared earlier, in the ruins of which valuable items could be found.

Minecraft has even more novelties in this ancient theme. First of all, they are all related to Archaeology. This is also a new item – a brush, with which players must carefully clean the sand from valuable fragments.

Also, the artifacts themselves, of which there are already two dozen in this version and they can be found both on land and underwater. Any user can go on such an exciting adventure in search of antiquities right now.


Every user, in one way or another, uses armor. The fact is that without it, movement through the territory of the cubic world may simply become impossible. Insidious creepers and night zombies can meet the player at any time.

And for the appearance of the hero to become at least a little unique, the developers in Minecraft PE introduced the possibility of decorating equipment.


First of all, you will need a Smithing Table, on which the transformation of an ordinary chain mail into a beautiful and unique item will take place. Go in search of special Template items.

They can be found in almost all structures in Minecraft PE and then experiment with different armor options and materials.

  • What are Smithing Templates in Minecraft PE for?
    To decorate armor with a unique pattern.
  • Where in MCPE can players find Smithing Templates?
    In almost all structures.
  • What items are used in Archaeology?
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