Published: 30 March 2023
Modified: 15 May 2023
Trails & Tales

Download Minecraft PE apk free: find clay fragments all over the world, and from them, you can create a beautiful object for home decoration.

Minecraft Trails & Tales

For the gameplay to be interesting and diverse, a variety of conditions must be met. In particular, the developers of Mojang Studios are constantly working on bugs to eliminate possible crashes and freezes. And they also introduce all sorts of innovations into the game and while everyone is looking forward to Trails & Tales Update, you can find out what is available now.

In Minecraft PE, they managed to eliminate failures that could occur during the game, for example, when teleporting through Command Blocks or related to adjusting the aiming height when sneaking up. Now, these moments will not bother the players.

Blooming Garden

Everyone has a favorite time of the year, but everyone agrees that in spring you want to be outdoors more often and enjoy the flowering trees. It is the Cherry Grove in Minecraft that can give players a state of eternal spring.

Indeed, in this location, sakura will never stop blooming, and its petals fall beautifully to the surface. Collect them and make a dye of a new color. The developers have also added new sounds for them.


In the cubic world, several types of armor differ in the material from which they were made. In Minecraft PE, players have the opportunity to make their equipment unique and unlike others.

This will require a Smithing Table, the armor itself, one of the materials, for example, iron or gold, as well as Templates.

Smithing Templates

To get these objects, players need to go to various structures of the cubic world. Some Templates will be found quite often, while others will become a real exclusive find.

In Minecraft PE, this can be a great adventure for every player and will help diversify the gameplay.

  • Which biome should I visit in Minecraft PE
    Cherry blossom biome.
  • What are Smithing Templates in MCPE for?
    To decorate armor with a unique pattern.
  • How can I use sakura petals?
    Make a dye.
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