22 March 2023
Trails & Tales

Download Minecraft PE apk free: make your adventures even more interesting, and also create a unique image for your hero with the help of unusual templates.

Minecraft Trails & Tales

Thanks to the constant monitoring of errors, the cubic world remains always relevant and interesting for users. The developers of Mojang Studios have fixed problems with launching the game on iOS and loading failures in Minecraft PE

Also in this version, problems with displaying the names of players and names on the plates have been fixed if RTX is used.

Improved armor

To make the player more unique in Minecraft there are various ways, for example, you can use one of the 9 skins. But the absolute novelty of this version is the appearance of templates that are used on the Smiting Table to decorate armor and improve the netherite.

Look for them in almost all structures, combine different sets, and try something new and unusual.


A special new slot has appeared in the Smiting Table and it is designed to install Templates in it. In Minecraft PE, they are hidden in chests in various structures of the cubic world, and finding some of them will not be so easy.

That is why they will be a unique decoration and will help to surprise others with the incredible appearance of their armor.

Various changes

While all users are looking forward to the release of the next update branch, which will be called Trails & Tales Update, Minecraft also has a lot of interesting and exciting activities.

For example, heroes can go in search of ancient objects or find a completely new and very beautiful biome. In the process of searching, you can stumble upon an unusual creature. The sniffer has a red-green color and spends all its time searching for seeds.

But there is also a practical benefit from meeting them because by planting them, the heroes can grow beautiful and unusual flowers.

  • What subject is indispensable in Archaeology in MCPE
  • Where can I find templates for Smithing Table in Minecraft PE
    In all structures except Ocean Monument.
  • What features are added for the Smiting Table?
    Armor decoration and improvement of netherite.
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