8 March 2023
Cherry Grove

Download Minecraft PE apk free: explore the territory and be sure to find a lot of new and interesting things, such as unusual sand and fragments of ancient objects.

Minecraft Bedrock Trails & Tales Update

Every user is looking forward to new versions of the game because even if the developers of Mojang Studios do not add new content, they always work on bugs and fix them. For example, in Trails & Tales Update, heroes are waiting for a lot of new and interesting things.

For example, in Minecraft PE, performance has been significantly improved, as well as boat sounds have been fixed. By the way, players can not worry that the items will float away after being thrown out of the water, this failure has also been eliminated.


A bright and unusual, and also harmless mob conquered the hearts of thousands of users of the cubic world. Indeed, Sniffer has a unique appearance and unusual abilities in Trails & Tales Update.

Thanks to his sensitive sense of smell, he can find seeds, even if they are hidden in the ground. And it appears from eggs, which, as a rule, can be found buried in the sand. But not in the usual, but in a unique one that appeared in Minecraft

Suspicious Sand

Indeed, Suspicious Sand is very different from ordinary sand blocks, which are already familiar to users. These objects are characterized by increased fragility and can simply crumble if the player tries to get the artifacts stored in them with the help of familiar tools.

Doing this in Minecraft PE is by no means impossible. For cleaning, you should use a new item called a Brush.


This type of activity, when the player finds ancient fragments in the sand and then collects a unique item from them, is called Archeology. The players know that the developers have already tried to introduce it into the game, but for some reason, the process was suspended.

And now in Minecraft PE, users can try their luck again and try to find their ancient object.

Cherry Grove

Visit a unique place where peace and tranquility reign. An unusual biome has appeared in Minecraft PE

In it, the heroes can collect pink petals and make a new dye out of them.

  • How many variants of the pattern on clay fragments are there in total?
    There are 4 of them in Minecraft PE
  • Where will players find the excavation site in MCPE
    In the desert.
  • What does Sniffer eat?
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