Minecraft 1.19.71

Minecraft 1.19.71
Published: 17 March 2023
Modified: 15 May 2023
Trails & Tales

Download Minecraft PE 1.19.71 apk free: try to decorate your armor with various patterns, and look for patterns for this all over the cubic world.

Minecraft 1.19.71: Trails & Tales

The long-awaited Minecraft PE 1.19.71 update is already available for download. And its features amaze with their uniqueness and variety of functions. They are mainly related to the interesting functionality of the Smithing Table.

Now it will be possible to change the appearance of armor on it, adding various drawings to it, as well as improve equipment made of such material as nether.

Smithing Table

First of all, players should understand that the armor finishes in Minecraft 1.19.71 does not affect its properties in any way and has only visual application. Thus, now each hero can make his equipment unique with the help of Smithing Table.


To start the armor upgrade process, the heroes need to find special Templates. You can find them all over the cubic world, except Ocean Monument.

Also in Minecraft PE 1.19.71, Elder Guardian can throw them out as a drop after defeat. Each biome is characterized by a unique pattern. Some of them will be encountered quite rarely and finding them will be a great success for each user.

Netherite Equipment

Another new feature for Smithing Table in Minecraft 1.19.71 is the improvement of equipment from the nether. A modified version of which can be found in the Bastion Remnant chests. This change will allow you to use equipment made of this material more often during the game.

Other changes

Trails & Tales Update is expected to be released very soon, and the developers of Mojang Studios are trying to prepare the cubic world for the upcoming changes. In Minecraft PE 1.19.71, a Suspicious Gravel appeared in the Archaeology section.

In the cherry blossom biome, the cold version of frogs was replaced with a moderate one, and the textures of plates and leaves were updated in this location.

  • What frogs are found in this Cherry Grove in MCPE 1.19.71?
    Temperate variant.
  • Which biome appeared in Minecraft PE 1.19.71?
    Cherry blossom biome.
  • Where can I find templates for Smithing Table?
    In all structures except Ocean Monument.
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