Minecraft 1.19.70

Minecraft 1.19.70
Published: 14 March 2023
Modified: 15 May 2023
Trails & Tales Update

Download Minecraft PE 1.19.70 apk free: take part in excavations or visit a new place where you can admire nature and find a unique type of wood.

Minecraft 1.19.70: Trails & Tales Update

This Minecraft PE 1.19.70 update is already available for download and a variety of innovations are waiting for players in it. For example, the developers have changed the screen that appears after the death of the hero.

Rate it and be sure to share your opinion. By the way, the textures and drawings for the Clay vases have been updated.

New features

Thanks to the appearance of a new biome in Minecraft 1.19.70, players can get not only a unique pink dye but also incredibly beautiful wood for their crafts.

All this is available in the Cherry Blossom Biome, which appeared in this version. This area is distinguished by incredible trees that are constantly covered with flowers. Peace and tranquility will accompany everyone who visits this location.


Every player in Minecraft PE 1.19.70 will be able to spend time interestingly and unusually. Going to the desert, find a temple. It was next to him that a new type of block appeared.

Be careful, because these are extremely fragile objects and if handled incorrectly, they can crumble and the player will not get anything. But if you purge them with a brush, you can get clay shards.

These elements are so ancient that no one remembers how old they are, but they are definitely of great value.


While players are waiting for the release of Trails & Tales Update, they can already learn about the capabilities and useful abilities of this mob. Its large size and bright color will not leave the Sniffer unnoticed in Minecraft 1.19.70.

Also, this creature is easy to detect by the sound of sniffing, he is constantly looking for Torchflower seeds in the ground, which he feeds on. By the way, it is also associated with Suspicious Sand, because the eggs from which this animal hatches can be found in these blocks.

  • What new bios has appeared in Minecraft PE 1.19.70?
    Cherry Grove.
  • What subject is needed to do Archaeology in MCPE 1.19.70?
  • What trees grow in this place?
    Cherry blossoms.
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