1 March 2023
Suspicious Sand and Sniffer

Download Minecraft PE apk free: try to find artifacts in the desert sands and make friends with a very friendly mob.

Minecraft Suspicious Sand and Sniffer

Once again, the developers have pleased users with the appearance of unusual activities in the game, new blocks, and even a unique mob. All the new items are already waiting for players in Minecraft PE and it’s worthy of attention.

In addition, new opportunities in armor decoration and updated biomes may soon appear. But while the authors are still working on these changes. By the way, now you can disable squatting on Powder Snow by simply releasing the corresponding button.

New features

In addition to the already well-known activities in Minecraft, another pastime option has appeared. It is directly related to archaeology and players can become seekers of ancient debris.

So far, this feature is only available in the desert, so it is necessary to go in search of this hot biome. It is there, near the temples, that the heroes will find unusual blocks.

If you carefully clean them with a brush, you can get fragments of a clay jug. Collect them all to surprise your friends with an unusual decoration of your home.

An ancient animal

But not only in the desert, but players will also find unusual artifacts. Now in Minecraft PE, it will be possible to meet an animal that belongs to a very ancient genus. The sniffer has a calm disposition and does not attack the player and other mobs.

He is just looking for seeds in the ground and thus spends all his time. If the heroes have patience and follow him, they will be able to pick up several such items themselves.

Plant them in the ground and take care of the plant. Nothing like this has ever happened before in the cubic world.

Other changes

In addition to adding new blocks and mobs, Mojang Studios developers are also constantly improving the gameplay.

By the way, in Minecraft, the function of reducing the player’s height by 1.5 blocks during sneaking is temporarily disabled.

  • What is interesting about the Sniffer in Minecraft PE
    It knows how to find seeds in the ground.
  • Where can players find Suspicious Sand?
    In MCPE 1.19 in the desert near the temple.
  • How is it recommended to clean Suspicious Sand?
    With a brush.
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