23 February 2023
Sniffer and Archeology

Download Minecraft PE apk free: do archaeology and find ancient objects, and also try to grow a new flower.

Minecraft Suspicious Sand and Torchflower

Currently, it is impossible to imagine a cubic world without its permanent inhabitants, Creeper, Zombies, or Allay. But once they appeared in the game for the first time and were an absolute novelty.

Minecraft PE also has a new inhabitant, whose name is Sniffer. Hurry up to get to know this creature better and learn about his abilities and talents.


In addition to the activities already familiar to users like gardening or construction, Minecraft has the opportunity to feel like a real archaeologist. To begin with, it is enough to find any temple in a desert biome, next to which special blocks are now generated.

Be as careful as possible and do not use any tools other than a brush to get the artifacts that are hidden in them. The fact is that Suspicious Sand has a very fragile structure.

Pottery Shards

Inside these unusual blocks in Minecraft PE there are clay fragments that have been preserved in them since antiquity. After cleaning with a brush, the player will receive several parts of the whole item. A certain ornament is applied to each of them.

It can be an image of raised hands or an archer, as well as a skull or a prize. If you put all these elements together, you can get a beautiful vase in the ancient style.

New Mob in Minecraft

Players finally have the opportunity to get acquainted with an unusual creature. He does not look like any mob before Minecraft PE Sniffer has an incredible sense of smell that helps him find plant seeds in the ground.

One of them is Torchflower, the player can grow a full-fledged plant from it or use seeds to propagate this animal. By the way, it will not be possible to tame it yet, but perhaps it will be available in the future.

  • The seeds of which plant will help to propagate the Sniffer in MCPE
    Torch flower.
  • Where to find excavations in Minecraft PE
    In the desert.
  • How many types of clay fragments exist?
    4 types.
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