15 February 2023
Archaeology and Sniffer

Download Minecraft PE apk free: go to the desert biome to join the excavations and maybe find something valuable and interesting.

 Minecraft Archaeology and Sniffer

Thanks to each update, the blocky world is becoming more interesting and diverse. New biomes, blocks, and mobs appear in it. This time in Minecraft PE, the developers decided to surprise their users as much as possible.

Firstly, the game has a long-awaited lesson in archaeology, which players have been waiting for several years. Also, the heroes will finally be able to get acquainted with the winner of the last vote, who beat his rivals by a large margin.

 Seed Finder

We are talking about a Sniffer, which has a calm and harmless disposition, hatches from eggs, and spends most of its time sniffing space and soil. It is with the help of his big nose that he finds food in the form of seeds of rare plants.

Players can try to follow him to collect some of them and plant them. The appearance of this mob is extremely unusual. It has a bright red-green color and is quite large in adulthood.

Do not try to offend him, because this creature will not cause any harm to the player. Cubs in Minecraft PE are no different from adults, but they need constant supervision so they will not be able to protect themselves.

 Excavations in the desert

Ride a camel and, like a real traveler, go to the desert, because that is where you can find an excavation site. It is located near the temples. It is assumed that the hero will have to dig up sand and find new brown blocks in it.

Try to clean them with a brush and get a small fragment of a beautiful jug. In general, in Minecraft you need to collect 4 pieces of clay to create a whole item.

This is a very unusual and exciting activity that will allow players to perfectly diversify their gameplay.

  • Where can players find excavation sites in Minecraft PE
    Near deserted temples.
  • What new activity has become available?
  • What new mob will appear in MCPE
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