Minecraft 1.19.63

Minecraft 1.19.63
25 February 2023
Bamboo and Camels

Download Minecraft PE 1.19.63 apk free: extremely stable gameplay that will delight players with new features and items.

Minecraft 1.19.63: Camels and Raft

During the game, users may notice various errors, as well as crashes. The developers are trying to fix them as soon as possible so that nothing can overshadow the overall impression of the gameplay.

Thus, large-scale work was carried out in Minecraft PE 1.19.63 and now the world editing is fully available to players, as well as improved navigation in the Market.

New Mob in Minecraft PE 1.19.63

Each of the mobs that ever appeared in the cube world had its distinctive features and options for interacting with the player. Camel, which is already available in Minecraft 1.19.63, was no exception.

Its ability lies in the fact that this animal can carry the player and cargo over very long distances. By the way, if there is a fence or a small gorge on the way, the animal can safely jump over it.

In general, the high growth of this creature will help the player to avoid the attacks of foot mobs.


The use of blocks in the gameplay plays perhaps the most important role, which is why it is so important that players have an extensive selection of different materials. That is why the developers of Mojang Studios are constantly adding to this list and in Minecraft PE 1.19.63 bamboo becomes available for these purposes.

It can be easily obtained and created from it all the elements for the construction of a building of any complexity.

The raft

But not only a house, but also a raft can be built from bamboo. Such a means of transportation can be a great alternative to the usual boats.

At the same time, this object is easy to manufacture and use, so in Minecraft 1.19.63 every player should evaluate its capabilities. Go on a boat trip or a long trip, this item is perfect for any occasion.

  • How to tame a camel in Minecraft PE 1.19.63?
    Feed a cactus.
  • Is it possible to equip a camel with a chest in MCPE 1.19.63?
    Yes, it is possible.
  • How can bamboo be used?
    For construction.
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