Minecraft 1.19.11

Minecraft 1.19.11
2 March 2023
The Wild Update
Minecraft 1.19.11

Download Minecraft PE 1.19.11 APK free: fight against the Warden, use the Recovery Compass to find the place of death, explore the Deep Dark and Ancient City.

Minecraft 1.19.11: The Wild Update

Developers from Mojang Studios have released a new version of Minecraft 1.19.11 The Wild Update.

This time the emphasis was on the introduction of new gameplay elements. So Warden, Ancient City and much more appeared in the cubic world.


Warden is a new mob in Minecraft 1.19.11. He is a hooded figure who watches over the Ancient City and guards it from intruders.

He is a formidable foe and should not be taken lightly. He can be found in Ancient Cities and Deep Dark Caves throughout the Overworld. His intimidating appearance and powerful attacks make him an unforgettable enemy in Minecraft PE 1.19.11.

Recovery Compass

Recovery Compass is a new feature in Minecraft 1.19.11 that allows players to navigate to the location of the last death more easily.

It is an incredibly useful tool for players who are lost in their worlds and need help finding their way back to lost loot.

Ancient City

The Ancient City is a structure in Minecraft 1.19.11 that is full of surprises. It features buildings and structures from a long-lost civilization, making it a great place to explore. The city is filled with cobblestone buildings, statues, temples, and pathways. Players can also find items such as diamonds, emeralds, and even rare blocks like End stone.

The Ancient City in Minecraft 1.19.11 also has its own unique creature — Warden. It is hostile mob that will attack players, so be careful when exploring.

Deep Dark

Deep Dark is a unique biome in Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.11. This biome is found in deep caves. Hostile mobs such as Zombies, Skeletons, and Cave Spiders can be found lurking in the shadows. But the most dangerous is a Warden.

Only in Deep Dark biome Ancient City can be found.

  • How to update Minecraft to 1.19.11?
    To do that, you need to download .apk file, tap on it and just hit "Install" button.
  • What is the Minecraft 1.19.11 Update?
    Minecraft PE 1.19.11 The Wild Update is a global game update that brings many new gameplay elements.
  • Where to find diamonds in Minecraft 1.19.11?
    Diamonds can be found deep in the bowels of the Overworld or in various loot structures.
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Download Minecraft PE 1.19.11

Minecraft 1.19.11
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Minecraft 1.19.11

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