Minecraft 1.19.0

Minecraft 1.19.0
The Wild Update
Minecraft 1.19.0

Download Minecraft PE 1.19.0 APK free: explore an updated cube world, fight the Warden, explore the Mangrove Swamps and use Froglight in your buildings.

Minecraft 1.19.0: The Wild Update

Developers from Mojang Studios have finally released Minecraft 1.19.0. In this version of the cubic world, it was decided to please the players with several innovations at once.
So in underground caves it will be possible to meet Warden, and on the surface of the Overworld to explore mangrove swamps.


Warden is a new mob that was added to Minecraft 1.19.0. It is a large, fierce creature that lives underground in caves of the Overworld. It stands over four blocks tall and has a large, bulky body.

The Warden is a hostile mob and will attack players on sight. It has a variety of attacks, including a powerful charge, a swipe of its claws, and a powerful jump attack. Its attacks can be avoided by using blocks or weapons, but they can cause serious damage if they connect in combo. Warden is also immune to fire and lava, making it one of the toughest mobs to fight.

The Warden in Minecraft 1.19.0 is a valuable source of loot, dropping items such as coal, iron, lapis lazuli, and gold when killed. It can also drop rare items such as diamonds, emeralds, and netherite. It is a strong mob and can be a challenge to fight, but the rewards are well worth it.

Mangrove Swamp

Mangrove Swamp is a new biome in Minecraft 1.19.0. It is a lush, wet area with a unique blend of land and sea.

The trees in Mangrove Swamp can be used for building.

Mangrove swamps in Minecraft 1.19.0 are usually surrounded by water and feature a variety of trees and vegetation. Also here you will find a lot of mud.


Froglight is is a unique block that emits light and can be used to light up dark areas of Minecraft 1.19. This block can be obtained from a small magma cube eaten by a frog and can be placed on any flat surface.

Froglight blocks are perfect for lighting up a room or pathway in Minecraft 1.19, or for providing a source of light to a dark spot. They can also be used to create interesting and creative designs, such as patterns or shapes.

  • How to update Minecraft to 1.19.0?
    To do that, you need to download .apk file, tap on it and just hit "Install" button.
  • How to obtain Froglight in MCPE 1.19.0?
    This block can be obtained from a small magma cube eaten by a frog.
  • Where to get Mud blocks in Minecraft 1.19.0?
    Mud blocks can be get by combining dirt and water, or naturally generated in Mangrove Swamps.
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