Minecraft 1.17.41

Minecraft 1.17.41
26 February 2023
Caves & Cliffs

Download Minecraft PE 1.17.41 Caves & Cliffs apk free: go underground and get ready to be surprised by the local beauty and amazing inhabitants.

 Minecraft 1.17.41: Caves & Cliffs

In this update, in addition to a fairly extensive list of fixes, the developers of Mojang Studios have also added new inscriptions on the screen – splashes. For example, you can see such an inscription “Made by “real” people!” or “Now you are thinking with pistons!”.

A new /dialogue command has also been added. With its help, in Minecraft PE 1.17.41 Caves & Cliffs, it will be possible to create a multi-page narrative with non-player characters.


To make the gameplay as interesting as possible, players are allowed to interact with various mobs. In Minecraft PE 1.17.41 Caves & Cliffs, there are even more of them, they have interesting features that are useful in survival.


These friendly creatures live in Minecraft PE 1.17.41 Caves & Cliffs in warm aquatic biomes. Their appearance cannot be compared with any other animal. Axolotls have 5 color options and are tamed with the help of fish. You can even catch them with a bucket, but do not leave them on land for a long time, otherwise, they will start to dry out.


New inhabitants have also appeared in the mountain biomes of Minecraft PE 1.17.41 Caves & Cliffs. Goats have a calm disposition, but they can attack other mobs and the player and try to push them off the cliff.

Heroes can get quite unusual and useful loot from them.


Use these objects to illuminate the surrounding space. To create them, you only need a honeycomb and a thread. In Minecraft PE 1.17.41 Caves & Cliffs, players can also color candles in 16 different colors.

 Lush caves

Be sure to visit this beautiful and picturesque place where you can find peace and tranquility. In Minecraft 1.17.41 Caves & Cliffs, the developers have filled it with amazing plants that can even be eaten.

  • How can you tame an axolotl in MCPE 1.17.41?
    With a bucket of fish.
  • Where do goats live in Minecraft PE 1.17.41?
    In mountain biomes.
  • From what can you create candles?
    From wax and thread.
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