Minecraft 1.17.40

Minecraft 1.17.40
25 February 2023
Caves & Cliffs

Download Minecraft PE 1.17.40 Caves & Cliffs apk free: get valuable resources in a new high-altitude biome and spend time very interesting and exciting.

Minecraft 1.17.40: Caves & Cliffs

As it becomes clear from the name Minecraft PE 1.17.40 Caves & Cliffs, all the most interesting changes will take place in mountain and cave biomes. Many new locations have appeared underground, where you can find unique crystals, incredible plants, and amazing nature.

Going to conquer the highest points of the cubic world, players will also find a lot of useful things for themselves and the survival process. In this case, the inaccessibility of resources is compensated by their wide variety.

Stony Peaks

To find this location, players will have to work hard. The fact is that it is located at the very top, between the warm and cold biomes. Only the bravest players will decide on such a dangerous, but very exciting journey.

In Minecraft 1.17.40 Caves & Cliffs, you can find stone and gravel here. But not only valuable resources but also incredible views are waiting for everyone who is going on this adventure.

Deep shale

The process of extracting this valuable resource is no different from the rest, with the only difference being that the player gets only small drops of it at first. After that, it will be necessary to melt them in a furnace to obtain a material suitable for further use.

According to the same principle, in Minecraft PE 1.17.40 Caves & Cliffs, drops of melting ore, and even gold and copper are mined.

Lightning Rod

This device occupies very little space, but the practical benefits of using it are huge. By installing it near their home, players can not be afraid of bad weather.

This will allow Minecraft PE 1.17.40 Caves & Cliffs to be sure that the natural elements will not interfere with their plans.

  • Where are the Stony Peaks in MCPE 1.17.40?
    It is located at the very top, between the warm and cold biomes.
  • Why do I need a lightning rod in Minecraft PE 1.17.40?
  • What resources are mined as well as deep shale?
    Gold, copper.
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