Minecraft 1.14.30

Minecraft 1.14.30
8 March 2023
Buzzy Bees

Download Minecraft PE 1.14.30 Buzzy Bees apk free: try yourself in a new role, and go in search of a new treatment that can perfectly satisfy your hunger.

Minecraft 1.14.30: Angry Bees and Honey

The new update will allow players not only to continue exploring the cubic world and its new inhabitants but also to enjoy more stable and diverse gameplay.

The character editor has also become available again and commands have been added to the game corresponding to Minecraft PE 1.14.30 Buzzy Bees theme. The developers of Mojang Studios corrected the texture of bamboo planted in pots so that it was correct and changed the growth rate of kelp.

Angry Bees

Cute and very hardworking insects will not pay attention to the player, much less attack him or pursue him until he commits negative actions against them.

Firstly, the mood of bees in Minecraft 1.14.30 Buzzy Bees can change if you offend their cubs, and secondly if you try to steal honeycombs from a nest in a tree. After any of these events, their eyes will turn bright red and they will attack their abuser with the whole hive.

At the same time, mobs will impose a poisoning effect. By the way, the creatures themselves will die in fifty minutes. Therefore, before you go to the honey collection, it is better to prepare and learn how to do it correctly.

A new treat

To get rid of the negative effects of the poisoning effect, the player can drink a nutritious drink that the bees themselves produce, which is honey. You can collect it from the nest after the player places a bonfire under it.

The smoke will force the insects to leave their home, and the hero can stock up on this sweet treat with the help of bottles. In Minecraft PE 1.14.30 Buzzy Bees, it can also be used as food, as it perfectly satisfies hunger.

If the user builds houses for flying creatures himself, he will be able to collect honey without any problems and at any time.

  • Why do bees become angry in MCPE 1.14.30?
    If you offend their cubs or try to destroy the nest.
  • How to properly collect honey in Minecraft PE 1.14.30?
    Place a bonfire under the nest.
  • What properties does honey have?
    Quenches hunger and heals from the effects of Poisoning.
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