Minecraft 1.14.20

Minecraft 1.14.20
7 March 2023
Buzzy Bees

Download Minecraft PE 1.14.20 Buzzy Bees apk free: find out what items and blocks can be created from honey, as well as its nutritional properties.

Minecraft 1.14.20: Honey and Beehives

Finally, players can get acquainted with all the new products that the developers have prepared for them in Minecraft PE 1.14.20 Buzzy Bees. Of course, most of them are associated with flying insects, which have become a real symbol of this branch of updates.

But there are changes in other mobs. For example, wolves will no longer run away from the player, and will also have the correct behavior model when breeding. By the way, these creatures can again pass into the Lower World.

Traditionally, the developers have also worked on bug fixes and gameplay performance.


This nutrient is stored in bee houses, which can be found in the forest or crafted independently. The main thing to remember when going in search of honey is that insects collect nectar from flowers.

Accordingly, it will not be difficult to find them in Minecraft 1.14.20 Buzzy Bees in those locations where there are most plants – in meadows. If players want to attract these creatures to their homes, they should plant many different flowers around them.

Bee Nests

The first variant of the bees’ dwelling can be found in the forest or near flower meadows, on trees such as birches or oaks. If the players carefully examine the barrel, they will see these items on them.

In each of them, as a rule, 3 insects are waiting. If you start breaking the nest, the mobs will get angry and sting the hero painfully. Because of this, it will get a dispatch effect. By the way, you can get rid of it with honey.

You can avoid bites in Minecraft PE 1.14.20 Buzzy Bees if you use tools with Silk Touch enchantment.


With the help of several boards and honeycombs in Minecraft 1.14.20 Buzzy Bees, players can create these artificial houses for insects and place them near their homes. This will allow you to collect honey safely – insects will not attack the player who built their homes.

  • What is needed to build a beehive?
    Several boards and honeycombs.
  • What insects appeared in MCPE 1.14.20?
  • What product do bees produce in Minecraft PE 1.14.20?
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