Minecraft 1.12.1

Minecraft 1.12.1
Published: 8 July 2023
Modified: 20 July 2023
Update Bamboo

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Minecraft 1.12.1: Updated plant texture

For the gameplay to bring players only joy, fun, and positive emotions, it must necessarily be stable. After all, no one likes it when the game is interrupted amid a battle or if a player loses resources and experience because of this.

That is why the developers released Minecraft PE version 1.12.1, in which they tried to take into account as many errors as possible and, of course, fix them.

It will be useful for players to learn about the possibility of taking pictures of the territory, as well as about the appearance of new particles in the game.

New elements

Most often, particles in Minecraft 1.12.1 can be noticed during rain or snow, when they come into contact with the surface or with blocks. In this version, the developers managed to expand this list.

Now animated elements will also appear when the player interacts with various blocks and objects. For example, when destroying blocks, trees, and other things.

Camera Features

In addition to the fact that with the help of the camera, players can store important and interesting moments of the gameplay in memory, it can also protect the player’s home. The fact is that this item can be installed at the entrance.

The camera will take pictures and send them to the user. Thus, in Minecraft PE 1.12.1, even being far from his home, the hero can know exactly what is happening in his territory.

This item is available both in Creative Mode and in Survival. Use its features right now and enjoy incredible results.

Updated textures

In Minecraft 1.12.1, the developers decided not to add new plants, but only to update their appearance. Thanks to this, bamboo and algae have received new textures and now look more organic and natural.

  • Why do I need a camera in MCPE 1.12.1?
    To take pictures.
  • When do particles occur?
    When the player interacts with blocks.
  • What are particles in Minecraft PE 1.12.1?
    These are animated elements.
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