Zombie Costume Mod for Minecraft PE

Zombie Costume Mod for Minecraft PE
Published: 6 February 2023
Modified: 6 February 2023
Category: Zombie

Download Zombie Costume Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: turn into a creepy mutant who can even hit any opponent with his roar.

Zombie Costume Mod for Minecraft Bedrock: creepy and terrible

In Minecraft PE, many different creatures can attack the player at any time. That is why heroes should always have reliable weapons and armor with them. But the mutant becomes the player himself.

He will have incredible strength and other abilities, he will even be able to call other creatures to his aid. Just download this Zombie Costume Mod add-on and log into the game.

Player Mutant

The authors of Zombie Costume Mod have surpassed themselves and created a truly unique update. Users will not have to craft anything or look for additional resources. After installing the update, the player will automatically turn into a huge mutant.

Outwardly, it will look like zombies that players are used to seeing in Minecraft PE. That’s just the size of it will be much more impressive. In addition, the hero will receive other incredible regeneration and confrontation abilities, as well as high jumps.

But the most incredible force arises if the user presses the sneak button. At this moment, the creature will attack with a roar and other dead people will rush to his aid. By the way, his health level will be equal to 150 units, and the damage will be 16 units.

Tissous Zombies

This time, the author of Zombie Costume Mod has added several hundred different combinations that will change the appearance of all kinds of these creatures. In addition, the sounds that these creepy creatures make have been replaced.

And for drowned people in general, the creator made the eyes luminous. Although it will even help the hero to notice them faster in dark reservoirs. In this update, the Minecraft Bedrock player does not change his appearance, but the gameplay will be very diverse and interesting.

  • How to turn a zombie villager into a villager in Minecraft PE?
    To do this, you will need a weakness potion and a golden apple.
  • How to cure a zombie villager?
    To cure him, you should hang a debuff of weakness on him with the help of an appropriate potion.
  • How can a player turn into a mutant in Zombie Costume Mod?
    He will become a mutant immediately after installing the mod.
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Download Zombie Costume Mod for Minecraft PE

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