Underwater City Map for Minecraft PE

Underwater City Map for Minecraft PE
1 February 2023
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Download Underwater City Map for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: visit one of the most unusual locations in the cubic world or go to the most famous town underwater.

What is new in the Underwater City Map?

Users can diversify the gameplay in a variety of ways and Underwater City Map is one of them. The authors have completely recreated the famous location from the popular cartoon and offer Minecraft PE players the to feel like the main character.

Or you can settle in a village that is located at the bottom of a reservoir and try to cope with all the difficulties of such a test.

Bikini Bottom

Perhaps the most famous underwater city was presented in the cartoon Spongebob. It was his territory that the authors of the Underwater City Map decided to recreate. The heroes will be able to visit the famous houses of the main characters, taste burgers in a diner or have fun in an amusement park.

An interesting feature of this location is the opportunity to explore it in a creative mode. And if you get tired of a quiet pastime, you can switch to survival.

In this case, the heroes of Minecraft Bedrock will have to escape from the terrible monsters that will haunt them everywhere.

Underwater Village

The authors of Underwater City Map invite players to visit the most unique village in the cubic world. This time they created a real settlement right under the water. Its territory is reliably protected from moisture by glass blocks. And you can get into it by a special passage directly from the surface.

Inside, the heroes will meet villagers and their faithful companions – iron golems. Cats also live here and even zombies can meet. The location is fully equipped, there are houses, narrow streets. And even vegetable gardens in which the locals grow various plants.

Also, players should find an iron door, by opening it they can move to another dimension of Minecraft PE.

  • Where to find Underwater City on this map?
    The player can go to him through a special tunnel.
  • Is Underwater City Map suitable for a multiplayer game?
    Yes, this map is perfect for playing with friends.
  • What kind of inhabitants will the player meet in Underwater City Map?
    Villagers, iron golems and cats.
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Download Underwater City Map for Minecraft PE

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