Stonecutter Mod for Minecraft PE

Stonecutter Mod for Minecraft PE
Published: 18 February 2023
Category: New Blocks
Use the most common block to protect the home

Download Stonecutter Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: a new application for standard devices that will help in the process of survival.

Stonecutter Mod for Minecraft Bedrock: unique features in block processing

It is no secret that many Minecraft PE users spend a lot of time building and designing their homes. After all, the dwelling should be not only safe but also beautiful. Various devices can help them with this.

The authors of Stonecutter Mod decided to add another function to the standard device for processing blocks. With its help of it, it can be used not only for its intended purpose but also for the protection of the surrounding area.

By the way, after installing the update, players will have access to another convenient device and a large number of various decorative and construction objects.


An interesting feature was added by the authors of the Stonecutter Mod to this device. In addition to its standard properties, namely the creation of blocks of copper, cobblestone, and other useful resources, it will cause damage.

At the same time, not only mobs but also other players can fall under its influence. Such a device is perfect as shelter protection from uninvited guests and monsters. Only Minecraft PE players should remember that they can suffer if they forget about the installed traps.


Another addition to the Stonecutter Mod presents players with another device for processing blocks. It is called a chisel and, just like a stone cutter, can improve the appearance of various valuable resources.

After processing, they can be used not only for construction but also as a finishing material. Any design solutions can now be implemented. By the way, a lot of new blocks will appear in Minecraft PE.

Among them, marble, limestone, and basalt have never been available in the cubic world before.

  • What can a stone cutter be used for?
    For processing blocks.
  • What new feature has the stonecutter got thanks to the Stonecutter Mod?
    It will cause damage to mobs and players.
  • Which blocks can be processed?
    Copper, cobblestone and others.
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Download Stonecutter Mod for Minecraft PE

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