Smithing Table Mod for Minecraft PE

Smithing Table Mod for Minecraft PE
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Amazing transformations of ordinary armor

Download Smithing Table Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: transform your armor and make it even stronger and increase its protective properties.

Smithing Table Mod for Minecraft Bedrock: new features of familiar devices

This device in Minecraft PE is mainly used by villagers of the corresponding profession. But players can also use it to improve various types of armor and then decorate it with various patterns.

The authors of Smithing Table decided to improve its capabilities and now the heroes will be able to create amazing items and equipment. This will significantly improve not only the strength but also make the protective properties much stronger.

Upgrade Table

This time, to start using a new device, it will need to be created. To do this, 8 diamonds and one standard table, will need to be installed in the middle.

After that, the heroes of Minecraft Bedrock will be able to turn any iron things and blocks into diamond ones. This is an incredibly useful property because iron is much easier to find than rare and precious stones.

But their armor of them has the best protective properties and is therefore so appreciated among users of the cubic world. Rather, install this add-on for Smithing Table and get access to incredible features.

Smithing Templates

Now there are 3 armor options at once: diamond, iron, and gold can be improved. Moreover, the changes will affect all elements, that is, the bib, helmet, greaves, and boots. Each of them will gain greater strength and increase protective properties.

By the way, in Smithing Table Mod, all equipment options after improvements will look much more interesting, and beautiful drawings and ornaments will appear on them. Now Minecraft PE players can confidently go on any journey because dangerous monsters will not be scary to them.

  • What resources will be needed to create an Upgrade Table?
    8 diamonds and one standard table.
  • What kind of armor will players be able to improve thanks to the Smithing Table Mod?
    Iron, gold and diamond.
  • What properties will the armor get after the upgrade?
    Improved protective properties and durability.
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Download Smithing Table Mod for Minecraft PE

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