Realistic City Map for Minecraft PE

Realistic City Map for Minecraft PE
Published: 14 February 2023
Category: City
An interesting area with many unique buildings

Download Realistic City Map for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: take a walk through the streets, look inside the buildings, and spend your time having fun and unusual.

Realistic City Map for Minecraft Bedrock: modern locations with everything you need

To make it interesting for players to explore the surrounding area on the Realistic City Map. The authors tried to make the space diverse and unusual. You can go to the casino or the stadium or go to school.

As in real life, you can buy everything you need in the Ikea store, relax in the cinema or learn something new in the historical museum. Minecraft PE players will not be bored in such a modern and well-equipped city.

City of Dreams

On the territory of this city of dreams, Minecraft PE players will find a lot of interesting things for themselves. The authors have created a very modern, beautiful and comfortable town where you can spend an unusual time.

Wide and well-designed streets invite you to walk, and inside each building, there are fully equipped apartments for living or working. At night, lights are lit everywhere on Realistic City Map, so it is not necessary to interrupt the game process for this period.


Large modern locations are always very popular with Minecraft PE users because they are very different from the standard gameplay. Where players are surrounded mainly by a natural landscape.

The authors of this supplement for Realistic City Map offer to estimate the large-scale territory. Which, as in real life, is divided into districts. Here you can visit all kinds of buildings, such as a casino, a stadium, a cinema or an Ikea store.

It is worth noting that the scale of this city is amazing and you will need to spend quite a lot of time just to get around it. Invite your friends soon to have fun and have fun in this amazing place.

  • Which buildings are located on the Realistic City Map?
    Casinos, stadiums, skyscrapers and much more.
  • Is this map suitable for a multiplayer game?
    Yes, it fits.
  • Is there furniture inside the buildings?
    Yes, they have everything you need.
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Download Realistic City Map for Minecraft PE

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