Modern City Map for Minecraft PE

Modern City Map for Minecraft PE
Published: 1 February 2023
Modified: 3 February 2023
Category: City
File: mcworld

Download Modern City Map for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: visit unique locations where there is everything you need for a comfortable stay and exciting adventures.

What is interesting in the Modern City Map?

Despite all the changes in the modern world, the Minecraft Bedrock world remains true to its style. It is very different from anything that users are used to seeing in real life. This is the hallmark of cubic space, but at the same time, it can sometimes get boring.

Modern City Map is perfect for such a case. On the territory of two different megacities at once, players will be able to walk through the streets, look inside buildings, and even live in one of them for a while.


For those players who want to add more modernity and realism to their adventures in Minecraft PE, this update is perfect. On the territory of this metropolis, they will find everything that may be necessary for a comfortable stay.

Shopping malls, shops, playgrounds, and much more will allow you to spend time in a diverse and very exciting way. Invite your friends to explore the entire territory of Modern City Map together and come up with something new.


This location includes all the structures that the player can meet in real life and even more. Incredible skyscrapers amaze with their grandeur and look especially beautiful at night, thanks to the illumination.

On the territory of Modern City Map, the heroes will find playgrounds where you can have a lot of fun and relax after all the adventures. You can also visit warships and helicopters, which the creators have equipped with everything necessary.

Spacious avenues will attract users with their diverse architecture. Minecraft PE heroes can settle in any of the buildings and feel like full-fledged residents of this beautiful metropolis. Use this opportunity to diversify the gameplay and try something new.

  • Is Modern City Map suitable for a multiplayer game?
    Yes, this map is perfect for playing with friends.
  • Where to find Modern City Map on this map?
    The player does not need to look for anything, he will spawn immediately on the territory of the city.
  • Which buildings can the player visit?
    The player can visit absolutely any building on the map.
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Download Modern City Map for Minecraft PE

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