27 June 2024
Tricky Trials Update

Download Minecraft PE apk free Tricky Trials Update: move around the world faster with Wind Charges, try to craft Mace, and fight monsters!

Minecraft Tricky Trials Update

The Mojang team offers everyone who loves exciting adventures a chance to survive in Trial Chambers. Items and blocks in Minecraft PE are improved, and mobs have become even more aggressive and dangerous so that players can improve their abilities in battle.

In this version of the cubic world, an issue has been fixed that could cause Breeze to get stuck in one place. This happened if he was under a roof during the attack.


Minecraft players should find a Treasure Vault block in Trial Chambers. To open it, you will need a key that can unlock it only once. Those who want to up the block or move it will not be able to do so.

If the player has not previously opened the Vault, he can see orange particles that will show the player a way to the Vault.


There are special blocks that create monsters, and the developers have added new versions of spawners to the game. Minecraft PE users can fight with more dangerous mobs, which are produced by Ominous Spawners. Players receive certain rewards for their victories.

It is worth considering that monsters can wear armor with effects in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, and they are more difficult to defeat.

Wind Charges

Fighting the Breeze can give the Minecraft player some loot. In particular, Wind Charge, which give users a unique opportunity to attack mobs with air currents. The character can also speed up his movements with this item.


Those who managed to get Heavy Core and Breeze Rod in the game world should try to create Mace. The weapon delivers devastating blows if struck from a height in Minecraft PE

With a strength of 500, the object can still break, but it can be repaired on Anvil.

  • How to get Wind Charge in Minecraft PE
    Defeat Breeze.
  • How to open Ominous Vault in MCPE
    Use Ominous Key.
  • What items are required to craft Mace?
    Breeze Rod and Heavy Core.
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