5 June 2024
Tricky Trials (Beta version MCPE

Download Minecraft PE apk free Tricky Trials: Perform amazing feats, search for hidden treasures, and rate the many bug fixes.

Minecraft Beta: Tricky Trials

The developers offer to start new adventures or continue existing ones in Minecraft Bedrock, where many interesting discoveries await the heroes. The first thing to note is the number of bugs fixed.

There are a lot of them in Minecraft PE and they take into account a wide variety of aspects of the gameplay. Players have access to a chat game hint. They can appear when previously deleted players are present in the world, and cheats have also been enabled.

Many dangers

Users have long been convinced that the cubic world is a very dangerous place where monsters and difficulties can await the heroes at every step. But in Minecraft PE, the most vulnerable characters will be in the Trial Chamber.

Moreover, in addition to the more dangerous spawner, many other blocks have appeared in this location:

  1. Ominous Trial Spawner creates monsters that are equipped with armor and have weapons, in addition, he will throw various potions with effects toward players and mobs;
  2. One of the possible monsters that will appear in MCPE is Breeze, which is very difficult to defeat;
  3. Dark corridors and lack of sunlight make the atmosphere in this location depressing.

Hardcore Mode

Many users who have been exploring the cubic world for a long time have learned to cope with difficulties perfectly even in Survival mode. Minecraft introduces another mode, which will be the most difficult of all.

In Hardcore Mode, there is no respawn option after the death of the players. That is why in Minecraft version, only the bravest and most experienced heroes can cope with it.

  • In which location is it most likely to encounter Breeze in MCPE
    In the Trial Chamber.
  • What are the features of the Ominous Trial Spawner in Minecraft PE
    This block generates the effects of mobs that attack players.
  • What is the mace used for?
    This is a type of weapon.
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