8 May 2024
Tricky Trials

Download Minecraft PE apk free Tricky Trials: Each mob has unique features that are useful for players to know to interact effectively with them.

Minecraft Tricky Trials

Thanks to the appearance of each new location in Minecraft PE, players have more and more opportunities to gain experience, and useful and valuable items, as well as explore new territories.

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, the largest number of innovations occur in underground locations called Trial Chamber. In the process of interacting with Ominous objects and events, there have been some changes that may affect the gameplay.


In addition to the regular and Trial versions of this block, Minecraft also features an option called Ominous. This time, the developers fixed getting the correct keys after defeating all the opponents that will appear from it.

An interesting feature of this Spawner is the appearance of mobs in equipment from it. These can be helmets, breastplates, or various weapons. Now in Minecraft version, after the death of these opponents, they will not be able to get it as loot.

At the same time, blocks with mobs that cannot wear equipment will appear twice as often, and one additional creature will also be added to them.


Traveling through the territory of Minecraft PE, it will be quite difficult for players to find the entrance to the Trial Chamber, so the developers added the ability to get a location map from a merchant in the village. It is she who will show the shortest way to this place.

Several changes have become available in this version:

  1. New types of entry to this location have been added;
  2. Empty chests have been added to the entrances;
  3. Fewer items will fall out of decorated pots in MCPE
  • Which is the most dangerous spawner in Minecraft PE
    Ominous Trial Spawner.
  • Where can the players see him?
    In the Trial Chamber.
  • What are the features of this block?
    Mobs from it can appear in equipment.
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